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-Sign-ups close March 8th

-Matches will be sent by March 12th

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Swapping Time!

Alright everyone! All the matches have been sent, as well as the questionnaires. If you still haven't gotten a match from me, please email me right away! I think most of the little issues starting out have been smoothed out.

Everyone should have done these things by now:

1. Contacted the person you are sending to using your SECRET email (if you need help with this, see the FAQs) and say hi.

2. Heard from the person sending to you.

3. Completed the questionnaire and either posted it on your blog or emailed it directly to your upstream (sending to you) pal.

If you haven't done one of these things, go do it NOW! Communication is important in a swap- how would you feel if your upstream pal never emailed to say hi?

"On that note, a few people were late in getting matches and emails, so have a little bit of patience. People who haven't made any contact with their pal at all and have not responded to my emails by FRIDAY will be promptly replaced.

Please, folks, check your spam folders, too! If my or your pal's emails go to your spam, add the email to your address book. This should keep them from ending up as spam.

Happy swapping! I'm going to go do blog invites right now!


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