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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Awesome Package!

Well, it turns out that my Favorite Color Swap 3 spoiler was my dear friend, Sheila, who lives 5 minutes away! LOL! She did a great job of keeping it a secret, including throwing me off by mentioning that it was difficult to shop for something vanilla scented for her swap partner (she knows I don't like vanilla scent). :)

She stopped by the house one day and asked if I'd gotten my mail for the day. I told her that Molly (my 8-year old) had already brought it in. She said that was odd because there was a package leaning against the post. One of the other kids ran out and got it for me. I didn't even notice the oddities in the label, like the fact that my name and address was taped over the name on the label. It appeared to be from someone in CA and the name didn't look familiar. But it was very heavy!!

Here is the whole shebang:

Now, the breakdown~

3 (really 4 as one more pack of black was sent to her late that she's bringing over soon) packages of luscious wool for needle felting. The camera doesn't do justice to the rich berry colored one in front.

A nice kitchen towel with a crocheted topper.

4 beautiful skeins of sock yarn in the most amazing colors. I love the way each pink/blue set complements each other!

Absolutely adorable stitch markers and earrings that look like miniature drop spindles!! She had no way of knowing that I had only recently been looking at those same earrings and considering them as a swap gift for another swap I'm in!! They are so cool!!

For goodies she included WW drink Mix-ins in Peach Ice Tea flavor, some WW dark chocolate raspberry bars (mmmmm) and a TON of Twizzlers. There are well over a hundred and fifty Twizzlers!! That was what made the box so incredibly heavy. LOL! As you would imagine in a house with seven children, it didn't take long for them to find out about my new stash.......

Hee hee....

So, thank you Sheila for a wonderful package. Also, thank you Nichole for hostessing this fun swap! I'm still working on my package, but it will go out on time. :)

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Blogger Lauren said ... (March 31, 2008 at 7:34 AM) : 

The fact that your swap partner was a friend from down the street is so sweet and cute! I love how she was sneaky about it!


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